Bear Lake Membership

All residents and property owners within the boundaries of the Bear Lake watershed are key stakeholders in the Bear Lake Watershed Alliance (BLWA).  Additionally, local business proprietors, outside government entities, downstream watersheds, and other organizations and citizens have a stake in the success of Bear Lake Watershed Alliance’s mission. 

Many stakeholders want to actively help us with our efforts.  This can be accomplished by becoming a BLWA member.

Membership in this watershed organization is open to all stakeholders who wish to support the organization’s purpose.

A membership can be an individual membership which, for $20 per year, permits a person to be a voting member of BLWA.  It can also be a lifetime family membership.  Lifetime membership dues are a one-time $500.00 contribution. The $500 family membership is deposited into our new endowment fund which will grow and the interest will help fund future operations. 

All membership dues and donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible. Memberships will be acknowledged via letter for your records and tax applications. The membership year is from July 1 to June 30.  Members are encouraged to attend regular meetings and are qualified to vote at annual meetings.  

The dues help fund BLWA operation including public education (web hosting website), ecoli testing, water quality sampling, grant matches, and engineering services.

Download the Membership Form by clicking on the link below.
                         Membership Form